What is this Journey About?

The heavenly host
heads for the coast;
to bask in the sea, air and sun

By this I mean when you have realized the heaven within, your work is done. When the discursive mind—running rampant, following the laser dot on the wall—turns its attention from the fall to the wisdom of the heart, true life starts. Your work is finished, you have come home; you no longer roam.

For you have turned your sights—from the judgmental mind that thinks it knows—to the heart, where the truth lies. Life begins anew and you simply see me and “know”.

So what is this journey about? It’s about releasing the heavy cloak of “I know” which restricts your life by its trick of convincing you you’re right, separate from the whole—the heart.

The mind’s true function—the highest function of which it is capable—is asking a question. Then allowing the answer to flow forth—through the heart—from the source of being within. That’s where life started for you, and that’s where we’re taking you. That’s where you want to be—with your true Self, with your Beloved; with me.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Unleash the Mystery

The tenth follows
the ninth
Take it from there
and understand life.

Life expands in an orderly fashion, and follows notions. When you begin to experience miracles and serendipity, you might feel that this can’t be. The mind can’t conceive, and can’t see beyond belief. However, these circumstances of mystery are heralded in, by the conjunction of the heart and mind within.

So take this day to understand you needn’t limit God. You needn’t feel that it’s your job. If you allow yourself to surrender to the heart, the mystery is unleashed; as well as seeing me.

This then is the implication—it doesn’t have to follow reason or logic. It doesn’t have to be a sequential fit. When you’ve released the grip, you’ll have an extraordinary trip.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Just Switch the Channel!

The heavy cloak
of “I know”
gives way to
“I love

By this I mean when the questioning mind—the mind that seeks to find—comes into the service of the heart, true life starts. You drop below the storyline designed by the mind, into the understanding of what life means. It’s a symphony.

And whether or not you like the music in your life, it’s not a problem. If you don’t, you can switch the channel you’re listening to—switch the voice you’re listening to—switch it up! But how do you do it, you might ask, when your whole life you’ve been in the same repast.

I say, stop and ask. Simply ask, “how can I listen to a different tune?” I say it’s all within you. And when you’re ready to switch the channel from “I know to the channel of “please show me,” your world will start to respond in ways you could never dream of. And you will see me.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

A Squawking Parrot

The incessant jabbering
of a parrot indiscreet
can drive even the most patient
out into the street

By this I mean thoughts will come and you will listen, perhaps one by one. You’ll discern, then let them dissolve, into the reaches from which they come. Or you can catch the train—it’s at the station. You know the destination, you’ve been there before.

Perhaps the terrain looks different—different forms—but the destination is the same. Patterns repeating, the same old refrain. But there is a different way of being. If you don’t like the destination of the train, you can simply pull the cord and get off at the next stop.

But if the train—that is, the train of thought—is full speed ahead, it’s best not to fight it. Just wait, and understand where you are. You’re in your head, and not in your heart. Once you see it—the laser beam on the wall—just understand, and realize it’s only your fascination with a dot on the wall. You’re not really “thinking” at all.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Worthy of My Grace?

The infinitesimally small.
Think of it.
So small—so small you can’t see;
but in it, is the life of me

No, imbued within it all is the greatest power—of the universe and beyond—singing its song. The viruses and bacteria…form follows function. And in every version, and every form, you can judge it good or bad. But my life is in your hand, with the bacteria and viruses.

So, if your mind is locked upon some lofty ideal, in terms of good; think of the lowly earthworm that turns. Fertilizing the soil, breaking it down; making clay clumps into good soil in the ground. Such goodness, inherent within the lowly earthworm.

Now think again of this point of judgement, that would hold an earthworm in your hand and think that it was beneath your grandeur, beyond your love. Form follows function my dear. And only the point of judgement—that you hold in your mind—is to say the form that you’re judging is not worthy of my grace.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

The Point of Judgement

The whole consists
of each individual part,
but the whole is the heart

By this I mean the whole encompasses the entirety. Leave one piece out, and you can’t see me. Leave anything out of the heart’s reach—through judgement—and you can’t know me. Leave any of your brothers and sisters out from my reach, and you can’t feel me. You can only know the point of judgement.

Leave yourself out from my love and abundance, and you can only feel the point of judgement. Leave anything, anywhere, out from my love; and you can only know judgement. You cannot know the love of the symphony, if you hold in disdain any note.

And your vision will be stuck, and held to that note. You will not be able to hear any of the others—you will have cut yourself off from the flow. No, drop below the judgement held. And watch yourself soar, flying high in the sky—happy, joyous and free—beyond judgement’s hypocrisy.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings