Attention to “Do”

The tendency
to carry fear,
is so far away—

As the mind turns its attention toward heaven within, it begins to sing a heavenly refrain. Nothing is the same. To know that God is within and without everything you do—it only takes your attention to do.

Do take the time. Do simply see me. Do nothing at all but take your attention from the laser beam on the wall. There is nothing there for you except empty promises; and a view that jumps from past to future—anywhere but here.

So as you begin to shake yourself awake—from the images of the past, that betray—you can honestly open yourself to today; and the honesty to be the real you. And what does that look like? What does it like? I say, the taste of who you truly are tastes real, as opposed to a cardboard statue in front of a movie reel.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

When True Living Starts

The cadence
sets the time
for coming home

By this I mean the heart knows the way. The heart knows the timing. The heart knows the way home, to the Source. The Source is accessed through the heart. It offers all possibilities—for you to feel complete.

And when the mind is taken back—into the service of the heart—true living starts. Miracles become a way of life, and you’ll see it—the laws of the mind, separate, defied.

And, what you will see, is what once you thought was enemy becomes your beloved. This may be the most profound change of all. Another change is seeing all the same, through humility.

For once the heart and mind join, there are no more projections of “enemy”. There are no more distinctions of differences. The emperor has no clothes—the mind stripped of its arrogant repose. And once again you will find the joy and happiness, of the child of God you find inside.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Like Alchemy

The incinerator
is not just a place
where fire heats the face

By this I mean when the heart devours the leaden thinking of the mind in separation, it transforms it within; and the scenarios without change form. This is liken to alchemy, it’s the turning of poison into medicine—it heals all within.

So take this as a promise, not a wish. There is true transformation when you are willing to take your attention and place it on the heart, rather than the laser beam on the wall. The Source of all possibilities will allow you to know the way to go. You will become a beacon to others, and you will no longer be pulled in a direction in which you’re fooled.

No, you will be transported into a life devoid of strife. One in which the heart speaks—and rules with compassion, not vice.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Release the Pain

The incinerator
burns the refuse—
unwanted, outworn

By this I mean it is Source—God, Spirit, the Divine—which acts through the heart to align. It devours, transforms and incinerates everything that would make your heart ache. Everything that causes you pain is released, through the heart of forgiveness and compassion; bringing only peace, joy and gain.

So what is it that is asked of you? Simply your willingness to allow it to pass through. Everything that would constrict and cause you suffering, is simply the wounded heart that started judging itself—and colored the world through its projection.

The wounded heart is simply the mind that forgot its function—to be in service to the heart. The wounding is simply its separation—from the wisdom the Source, through the heart, brings.

The mind says I see and I know and then it sends out sensors—the hounds—which bring back I told you so; while the Source within the heart waits patiently. Its only request—just see me. The mind again in service to the heart will set you free.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

The Mind’s Rightful Abode

The irony of the play
yields way to the exit door
My, that was a bore.

By this I mean until the mind releases its grapple hold of “I’m right” regarding everything in its sight, it will not open itself to its true and natural function—the question, curiosity. And when the heart supersedes and intervenes, just one time—through forgiveness—you have the opportunity to establish yourself in your Father’s house, freed from a self-made cell.

So understand the ramifications of this term forgiveness. It can’t be understood by the mind. It is the mind’s rightful abode, but it can’t see it. It is its opening to question that scares it. The idea of being consumed—in the extension of forgiveness—requires the willingness to relinquish its hold on “I’m right”.

But trust me now. If you can allow—allow forgiveness of you to flow through—you’ll find your entire world changed; and you will have released your own pain.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

A Whole New World

Four-leaf clover
is a sign;
the luck is a symbol
of you.

By this I mean there is an in-between—between an adjective and a noun. The noun is stationary, unchanging. But it can be described a thousand different ways. And the words used to describe it can take on a thousand different meanings; depending on the one who is describing it, and from which point of view it is seen.

And we can take this little analogy and apply it—to every situation you find yourself in, everyone you find yourself with, and every sensory impression, whether seen, felt or heard.

Now understand that you are defining everything, all the time, through the mind. You are placing on everything all the meaning it has for you. And that is based on your judgement of it. But if you will simply drop through the line of the story, and what it “means” to you—that is, remove all the judgement and meaning—you would open yourself to a whole new world, and a whole new view—from the perspective of a whole new you.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings