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Introduction to The HP Writings

The map
in the hands of an adept
takes you there
step by step.

By this I mean The HP Writings are a map to what is unseen. The shadows on the wall capture your attention, as a cat mesmerized in the game of a laser beam. But once you’ve stopped to gather yourself together, you find that within each passing moment there is an accessing point to the Divine.

The mind’s statements based on belief only deceive. They can’t take you there. But you have help in the heart that will not bind, but free you to find this point of access to the Divine. Undifferentiated but totally personal, this guidance is universal. We call this guidance HP. It is the key to unlocking the delusion to free us from confusion.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

The First Step

The cards on the table
all laid out
can but point to what
the event is about.

By this I mean it is time to come clean. It is time to get clear about the way of Being here. What is this place, and who are you? Is it all good, or is it a ruse? Is it created by God, or is it a mechanical machine, of which you are a cog?

This is the first endeavor to be approached. And for these questions you require a coach, a mentor, someone who knows. So this first writing is an approach to some of the confusion that abounds. There are so many sounds, so many beliefs, so many voices, so much need.

Take this as the first thought to be put forth. You are within the heart and mind of God.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

All That Is

The garnering of Grace
the field of possibilities
the “Just see me”
is how it will Be.

By this I mean you are in a state of Grace, unconditional love and the field of all possibilities. You are now here and could never be separated from me. All that I AM, you are.

There is no difference between a star and it’s radiance. There is no difference between the source of light and the spectrum it emits. There is no difference, no levels, no separation at all. I am as accessible as your beating heart. I am as accessible as the next emotion and sensation. I am within and without it all.

So there is a primary edict here to close the gap of what you see and hear. It’s time to be able to access the possibility of accessing the Source of all that ‘Be.’

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Within the Heart and Mind of God

“All this
I have created within
so that you
might share it with others.”

This is the edict. It is the first step. To understand that you are in the heart and mind of God. There is no separation here.

Even as light has no separation within its spectrum, so too I am here with you. There can be nothing—no levels, no beliefs, no separation at all between you and the All. There is only the greatest power to create worlds, to divine the depths and heights; to find out once again the quality and value within the heart and mind of God, the garden.

To find this point of accessing the malleability of possibilities, the mind must be in direct alignment with the wisdom of the heart. And this is where we’ll start.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Time and The Rhyme

Beginning with
the end of time
would be the beginning
of the rhyme.

By this I mean there are two modes of operation I’d like to review then. One, the mind’s grasping we call time; the other the collapse into eternity. We call this “The Passing”. Both take in perception, as you will see.

The one allows Truth to “Be”, the other contains the deception. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that bears examination.

First, be aware that within time you can also be within the rhyme. We call this “eternity” because as a child’s rhyme, time and eternity are synchronized; like dropping through the lines of a written page, into the author’s mind to engage.

So here we start at the beginning of time. Where we will end is in the rhyme.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings