A Whole New World

Four-leaf clover
is a sign;
the luck is a symbol
of you.

By this I mean there is an in-between—between an adjective and a noun. The noun is stationary, unchanging. But it can be described a thousand different ways. And the words used to describe it can take on a thousand different meanings; depending on the one who is describing it, and from which point of view it is seen.

And we can take this little analogy and apply it—to every situation you find yourself in, everyone you find yourself with, and every sensory impression, whether seen, felt or heard.

Now understand that you are defining everything, all the time, through the mind. You are placing on everything all the meaning it has for you. And that is based on your judgement of it. But if you will simply drop through the line of the story, and what it “means” to you—that is, remove all the judgement and meaning—you would open yourself to a whole new world, and a whole new view—from the perspective of a whole new you.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Directly Experiencing

When the world
is right in configuration,
you feel right
in your imagination

By this I mean you are creating every moment of the day. It’s your play. It’s the story of your day, and you are the presenter of it. It’s generally like a daydream—you can never fully enter it, like the refection on the pond—as long as you’re forming pictures in the mind.

But when you drop below the lines, and jump right into the direct experience within; you find that your mind—and its thoughts and pictures—becomes secondary to your direct experience of being here.

And once you touch that point of direct experience—in the moment—you drop through; the entire Universe opens its arms to you. And there is nothing you can’t do, to create the reality that comes from the true you.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Test and Verify

The jet stream
can be seen as a cloud.
Some would laugh out loud

Once something is seen for what it is, it no longer causes confusion. Once you know,  through the truth, you understand how to view things. But until you go to the source of anything—to find the truth—you have no direct experience to be sure of.

How many people then spread ideas of other men? They read and study, drawing from others’ direct experiences (or perhaps their speculation and conjecture). But they themselves have no direct experience.

That is why the best teachers are those who have tested and verified, through their own experience. And they invite others to test and verify their formulations—by putting themselves in the same situation—and seeing for themselves if it’s the truth, or simply speculation.

So as we continue on with the song—to test and verify for yourself will stop the laser light show on the wall. You can only do this by turning around, and seeing the truth in what others expound, by your own direct experience.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings