Standing Right In Front Of You

The meter cut short
the song plays on;
the symphony strikes up
to play along.

By this I’d like to speak of death. It poses so much confusion. Like a flashlight in the dark, it goes out and you feel all alone. But let me assure you, this game of hide and seek needs to leave no one in knee deep sorrow. There is always tomorrow.

And the one use of death, if that should be in your awareness kept; is that it leads you into the present moment, for a moment. This singular fear, once gone and replaced with a new song, will hail in once again a familiar refrain.

So don’t lament for hours spent. It’s only for the realization that you weren’t present, wrapped up in the mind; while all the time standing right in front of you was the Beloved, the Divine.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings