HP Publications

Since we began receiving The HP Writings in 1988, HP has dictated a number of complete books, booklets and other in-depth writings on different aspects of the spiritual journey. We are currently engaged in an ongoing project to digitize these works and make them freely available to all, through this website. As each project is completed, we will post the download links below.

May I Tell You…

May I Tell You... e-Booklet Cover ImageThis 16-page booklet consists of 8 illustrated messages from HP to all of God’s creations. Originally created in 1997, it is now available as a freely downloadable e-Booklet in PDF format. It is certain to touch the heart of all who are ready to hear its timeless message.

The Seed in the Heart—A Guide for the Journey Home

The Seed in the Heart Book Cover

Originally scribed in 1998, this 44 page book is a spiritual treasure that awaits only your unpacking. Transcendently poetic, yet fundamentally practical, it is offered here as a free downloadable e-Book in PDF format.

The Passing

— Within each passing moment lies the Eternal…passing.

What is the True nature of Reality? Is it but an impermanent, self-less no-thing—ultimately absurd; as some have claimed? Or is “each moment infused with the sacred, the love of the Divine for the Divine?”

And, are we separate from That—or is it who and what we truly are? How can we know for ourselves?

The 139 verses and 8 sections of explanatory text that comprise The Passing offer to guide the reader to a direct experience of the Eternal—and the true nature of our own being in relation to it—by means of direct pointing. Those willing to ponder—in their heart—the meaning contained, will find the treasure revealed.

The complete text  is offered here as a free downloadable e-Book in PDF format.