Book Excerpt: The Passing

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Within each passing moment
Lies the Eternal…

“…The passing is the point beyond which the ever­-renewing thought of the Divine finds a counterpoint in the world of form. It is the point between the perceived form and the imperceptible formless.

It is the point of contact of love for the Divine—of the Divine’s own conception and passing. It is the moment in which the reflection of all that you are is seen in the direct reflection of the First Aspect.

It is then the point of conception and finalitude within the seed of the One Heart. It is ever changing within the changeless—ever transient and ephemeral within the expanse of the eternal One.”

©2014 The HP Writings

What Is the Truth?

The sincerity by which
you write the letter
makes the world
all that much better

Truth. Honesty. What do these words mean? Do you know? Can you tell when they are being usurped by the mind? Do you know the difference, my dear, between the Truth of your being, and when you’re being duped by a counterfeit you?

Are you so sure of the tightly-knit world you’ve constructed—or can it change in an instant? And why does it do that? One moment you think you have the facts, the next you’re completely amazed, when new evidence finds its way into your hands.

And if you change your mind about anything, understand that the truth you had no way of knowing. Judgement then, my friend, is not yours to command—if the truth you have not in your hand.

So hold this as a premise for going forward. Hold a space to be shown what is Real and what is simply the separated mind’s film reel.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Choose Your Game

The infamous gunman
subdued at last
Hoping, so hopefully
to forget his past.

By this I mean it takes a strong will—or willingness to change—but once you’ve come to the end of a game, you’re ready to lay it aside and take on a new life. What can change a gunman’s game? Love certainly is one refrain; falling in love will do it. Incarceration too, taking oneself out of the stew. Death is another option—game over, no discussion.

And there is another way, and that is to see clearly that what you’ve been doing is playing a game. It doesn’t matter how you view it: Commander-in-Chief, star, servant, victim. Whether it’s lofty and noble, or absolutely terrible; it’s a game. It’s why you came. It’s a story.

And if you don’t like it, take your awareness off of it and put it in a different place. It’s a game, fascinating though it may be. You play it because you’re fascinated by it. But at any moment you can change it up—by walking off the stage and turning your sights to a different game.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

A Continuing Story…

The ocean’s great waves—
a tsunami;
earthquakes replace
all the shifting sand.

By this I mean life’s great tragedies, and great successes, are always replaced, with time. The comings and goings don’t last. Magnanimous careers, great shows, the highest buildings; with time they go. And the one thing left is simply the flow.

More players enter the stage, others pass into obscurity. History then moves into the realm of “not here; used to be.” And yet the stories remain, being played over and over again; new ones added, the old revised. Patterns continue like a virus repeating, overlapping itself, shifting and changing the players from the shelf.

This is good to realize as you live your life. So ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Then listen, and you will hear. You’re here because of the love that streams through everything you think, feel and do. You’re here because you’re you.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Life as Change and Rearrange

The intermittent interval
and the air;
you see it there.

As you watch the weather, so you watch a life. As you watch the clouds rolling by, the rain, the thunder of the snow being plowed under; it shifts and changes as the sand on the shore. Try to stop it. Try to define it. Try to confine it. And throughout it all, the sun shines down, giving life.

And it depends on where you live—the qualities and values you place on the shifting and change. Those nearest the sun have less extremes, you might surmise, than those farther away; dealing with the fluctuation of sunlight during the day. So if you will see life as change and rearrange—embracing the facts of where you live, where you’ve chosen to reside—you will find yourself happy and free.

But if you try to catch the clouds, or harness the weather, you’ll be unhappy…trying to make it conform to an image in your mind. Now you know it of the weather and the shifting sands. Allow it to be also applied to your part in the plan.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings