Attention to “Do”

The tendency
to carry fear,
is so far away—

As the mind turns its attention toward heaven within, it begins to sing a heavenly refrain. Nothing is the same. To know that God is within and without everything you do—it only takes your attention to do.

Do take the time. Do simply see me. Do nothing at all but take your attention from the laser beam on the wall. There is nothing there for you except empty promises; and a view that jumps from past to future—anywhere but here.

So as you begin to shake yourself awake—from the images of the past, that betray—you can honestly open yourself to today; and the honesty to be the real you. And what does that look like? What does it like? I say, the taste of who you truly are tastes real, as opposed to a cardboard statue in front of a movie reel.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Right Where You Stand

The carrier pigeon
brings a message from home,
then home it goes

There is a homing device in the carrier pigeon, no matter where it’s taken. And there is a homing device in you. How it works is like this. No matter where you are, no matter how near or far; you must understand that home is where you stand. It is all here. It is all here.

So if you wish to have freedom—if you wish to have anything—understand that it is here. The Source of your being is right where you stand. So take this as the plan. Everything is fine, wherever you are. But if you should become frightened, call out. The Source of your being will bring you home.

There is no need to roam. God, within and without, will help. It is somewhat like getting stuck in the snow. If you’ll stay with your car and not roam, your chances are very good you’ll be found; and soon enough on your way home.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

The Freedom of Forgiveness

When in deed
the mind finds time
to release itself into eternity—
there you find me.

By this I mean the mind is transitory—its thoughts passing through to amuse, to transfix, to try to fix. The heart, on the other hand, is eternal, never-changing. Love is—there is no rearranging. The incessant changing and fixing and chasing can come to an end.

And how? By letting yourself stop. Let yourself rest. Let yourself fall into forgiveness. And what is forgiveness, but the act of giving over everything the mind conceives to keep you from being free.

Forgiveness is just an expression of freedom. Or rather a determination to choose love over fear. And when the mind relinquishes the reins, and gives over its control—then, and only then, you expand, you love, you forgive. For everything passes through you freely. And that point, within each passing moment, is the access to me.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Standing Right In Front Of You

The meter cut short
the song plays on;
the symphony strikes up
to play along.

By this I’d like to speak of death. It poses so much confusion. Like a flashlight in the dark, it goes out and you feel all alone. But let me assure you, this game of hide and seek needs to leave no one in knee deep sorrow. There is always tomorrow.

And the one use of death, if that should be in your awareness kept; is that it leads you into the present moment, for a moment. This singular fear, once gone and replaced with a new song, will hail in once again a familiar refrain.

So don’t lament for hours spent. It’s only for the realization that you weren’t present, wrapped up in the mind; while all the time standing right in front of you was the Beloved, the Divine.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

He Asked the Way

The cell, the cage
the anger and rage.
Oh, to be incarcerated
and not free.

By this I mean the mind, separate from the heart, cuts itself off from love. Then it feels fear. There is no love in here. It feels it needs to be protected and it sets up walls. It begins to talk to itself. It begins to feel self–centered in the way of a mirror talking back to the bird in a cage. The bird becomes transfixed.

The world continues on in bliss. The Sun continues to shine, the air is still there. So are the trees that provide it to you. So, too, the plants and animals, giving themselves over for your food. So, too, the moon in the sky at night to remind you of the light.

Oh, dear mind split off, dear one transfixed by the mirror; simply ask. That’s all it takes. Today we celebrate. Mandela asked the way. He asked very deeply. He was transformed by his own question; from which he, as the answer, was born.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Like Night and Day

It’s the difference
between day and night.
It’s the difference between
a party and a fight.

By this I mean the perspective you glean from the questioning mind of the wisdom of the Heart; as a start, is as different as night and day. When you make the connection, and deliberately establish a connection, then ask a question; you will find that you are leaving fear behind.

You cannot find peace with a mind making statements, just as you can’t have a problem solved without asking a question. So as we proceed, we wish to channel the question from the mind to me. The answer is given.

All things are initially hidden. The question draws them out. The Heart responds from beyond the fray and will eventually bring you to play.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings