Driver Appreciation

The taxicab driver
gives you a lift—

he knows your destination.

By this I mean you know the address of your destination, you have it in mind. But you don’t know how to get there—how to be in the rhyme. Rather than starting from the beginning, and re-creating the wheel, you can simply call a cab and have an experienced driver at the wheel.

In this scenario, the heart knows the way. It is familiar with the terrain, with the Source of your being. It knows where you want to go, so the heart can take you there. The most the mind can do is understand the address. But it only knows the past. Your destination is in front of you, not in the back.

So, you can see, it’s best not to berate the cab driver; or think him beneath your favor. If he left you in the street, even the simplest thing—like getting from here to there—would leave you in defeat and despair.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Follow the Leader

The Chinese ship
coasts into the harbor;
first to find,
but others not far behind.

By this I mean when a problem is solved it is solved for everyone. When a mountain is first scaled, others will follow. It’s a sweet game of follow the leader. When a prescription is found, soon enough it’s available to the public to fill its cup.

And there is often much trial and error, suffering and pain, to birth a new idea or expedition on this plane. But soon enough, others follow; and now the blind and those disabled scale Mt. Everest and trek Antarctica.

And as these writings, this map of sorts, is followed by even one; soon enough the others will come. Soon enough there will be clarity, lightness and fun. So all the pain that brought you to this place will soon enough be erased.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Dropping Through the Words

The letter to the Master
carries a desire always—
it asks for help
in carrying it out.

By this I mean there are teachers of the unseen, in the East. And by way of mentioning this, it has to do with the mind to enlist. And when a Master takes on a prodigy, it moves in such a way as to allay the mind.

These Masters understand that without the heart’s wisdom there can be no progress. So this is what I’d like to suggest. This is all done by dropping through the words. It is accomplished by the heart informing the mind. The mind translates into words, the heart is silent in its fugue.

So take a moment and let this example come to you. It’s not in the words, it’s not in the mind; it’s in the heart that miracles you’ll find.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

A Sound That Resounds

The tympani,
the cymbals;
the great woodwinds
strike up again.

By this I mean there is always the resound. It plays forever in the mind of God. And in the heart there is a sound that resounds. And in the blood there is a sound that resounds. And in the awareness so very silent, everything comes alive; every movement, every rest, every breath.

And within it all, as you take yourself, you can dream of all you would like it to be; love of the symphony. And as you lay quietly, remembering me, you will realize, once and for all; I have lifted you up from the fall. I have dried your tears and whispered, “Now rest.”

Then, go out and play my dear; with great cheer.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Like Night and Day

It’s the difference
between day and night.
It’s the difference between
a party and a fight.

By this I mean the perspective you glean from the questioning mind of the wisdom of the Heart; as a start, is as different as night and day. When you make the connection, and deliberately establish a connection, then ask a question; you will find that you are leaving fear behind.

You cannot find peace with a mind making statements, just as you can’t have a problem solved without asking a question. So as we proceed, we wish to channel the question from the mind to me. The answer is given.

All things are initially hidden. The question draws them out. The Heart responds from beyond the fray and will eventually bring you to play.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

Bypassing the Ego

The empty vessel
The sky so blue
The extreme competition
Where are you?

By this I mean there is a split here between the heart and mind. The mind’s function is to ask; its source of information is the past. But there is a way to bypass. And that is to realize this; and create a password that bypasses the mind.

So ask what that might be; a word, a phrase, a thought, an image; some special way to bypass the ego and create a way to let the sleeping dog lie.

Don’t let yourself begin the day without determining the way. And ask anything at any time. Use your special password and watch the tables turn.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings