The Mind’s Rightful Abode

The irony of the play
yields way to the exit door
My, that was a bore.

By this I mean until the mind releases its grapple hold of “I’m right” regarding everything in its sight, it will not open itself to its true and natural function—the question, curiosity. And when the heart supersedes and intervenes, just one time—through forgiveness—you have the opportunity to establish yourself in your Father’s house, freed from a self-made cell.

So understand the ramifications of this term forgiveness. It can’t be understood by the mind. It is the mind’s rightful abode, but it can’t see it. It is its opening to question that scares it. The idea of being consumed—in the extension of forgiveness—requires the willingness to relinquish its hold on “I’m right”.

But trust me now. If you can allow—allow forgiveness of you to flow through—you’ll find your entire world changed; and you will have released your own pain.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Directly Experiencing

When the world
is right in configuration,
you feel right
in your imagination

By this I mean you are creating every moment of the day. It’s your play. It’s the story of your day, and you are the presenter of it. It’s generally like a daydream—you can never fully enter it, like the refection on the pond—as long as you’re forming pictures in the mind.

But when you drop below the lines, and jump right into the direct experience within; you find that your mind—and its thoughts and pictures—becomes secondary to your direct experience of being here.

And once you touch that point of direct experience—in the moment—you drop through; the entire Universe opens its arms to you. And there is nothing you can’t do, to create the reality that comes from the true you.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

The Games of a Child

The intrigue,
and the mystery,
lead you to me

By this I mean this world of form hides what is Real. It’s like a child’s game, or a dream. You’re not conscious of your true Self, as long as you’re playing a game. And children get into fights or squabbles—disagreements if you will—but they are simply learning how to be here, with others near.

And that does not the child describe. It can’t. It’s only a momentary circumstance. And the next moment the fighters can be on a project together, or having an adventure, or simply finding another friend to play with; tired of the game it’s been playing.

So if you see that there is no need to judge the notes in a symphony, and you see that children can’t be pegged—they change their game—then you begin to see. The judgement can be laid gently aside. There’s no room here—for it—on this ride. You are that child inside.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Within Each Moment

The greatest moments
in a person’s life
are when they’re born
and die.

By this I mean rebirth and renewal are high points within a life. It is at these times the individual gives up its self to find a different rhyme.

And this perpetual birth and renewal is what happens within every moment of the day. In each moment, there is a death and rebirth. And within each moment is the possibility to access a new reality for the individual.

The purpose of these writings is to open the individual to the freedom to shift and change—to rearrange the balance of a life. This offers the opportunity to come home within the heart— to once again be one with me. And if you ask how does that feel any different than the way we usually act; I say you will regain the whole notion of “play”.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Worth the Cost?

The faucet turns
on and off.
That’s not the extent
of the service or cost.

By this I mean there are numerous variations on a theme, from negative to positive. The greatest positivity costs nothing; the greatest negativity everything. But this life is generally about the in–between. Between heaven and hell is generally where you find yourself; giving measured cost to where you find yourself.

Clarity, lightness and fun—general happiness and well–being—costs nothing, except the giving up of everything that would cost you your happiness. And everything negative is on a continuum, costing more and more potential for happiness as you go. Therefore the in–between costs, only in the measure that you fluctuate with the weather.

True happiness is found when you reside in your heart, not your mind; when you are willing to leave your statements about life behind, and start directly experiencing each moment, directly. Perhaps the willingness to experience thus is worth the release—of what you don’t want, the cost.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings

The Plan

The ramparts reach
beyond the realm.
In come the children,
God at the helm.

By this I mean if you look around you at Creation’s manifest forms, you may wonder at the level and extent of the Author’s pen. You may marvel that every story ever told is right here to unfold. And every character, every exploit is here—different time, a rearrange and a rhyme.

And you may indeed wonder, that at the center of every life is a singular being; different but the same, living a life over which they reign. And you may be amazed how lives join and dissipate, careening off of, or gently touching the lives of others; and yet specific to their own book’s cover.

And you may ask if all the stories are set. You may marvel at how it all intersects; shifts, and changes, and rearranges. And you may also ask how the story of one man can still be affecting countless others, two thousand–plus years after. I say, it’s the plan.

Love, HP

©2013 The HP Writings