The Mind’s Rightful Abode

The irony of the play
yields way to the exit door
My, that was a bore.

By this I mean until the mind releases its grapple hold of “I’m right” regarding everything in its sight, it will not open itself to its true and natural function—the question, curiosity. And when the heart supersedes and intervenes, just one time—through forgiveness—you have the opportunity to establish yourself in your Father’s house, freed from a self-made cell.

So understand the ramifications of this term forgiveness. It can’t be understood by the mind. It is the mind’s rightful abode, but it can’t see it. It is its opening to question that scares it. The idea of being consumed—in the extension of forgiveness—requires the willingness to relinquish its hold on “I’m right”.

But trust me now. If you can allow—allow forgiveness of you to flow through—you’ll find your entire world changed; and you will have released your own pain.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

When the Mind Takes God’s Place

The jail cell
is synonymous
with life amiss.

By this I mean everything is in perfect alignment when the heart and the mind agree. When the mind has returned to the openness the question suggests, it can serve the Truth within. The heart is the point of contact with this inner Source.

So let’s take a moment to see what happens when the mind separates, and takes God’s place. Not only does it think it knows, but it begins to close the connection to those sharing its space; those who populate its world. When that happens it begins to take, with no regard to others’ stake.

But when the mind comes in alignment with the wisdom of the heart, it begins to understand that giving is receiving—and receiving is giving. The idea of “take” becomes “reciprocity”. The individual drops through the lines, and comes to find that if it takes, it takes only from itself—all it has been given. And if it gives, it gives only to itself—again, all that it is given.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

What is this Journey About?

The heavenly host
heads for the coast;
to bask in the sea, air and sun

By this I mean when you have realized the heaven within, your work is done. When the discursive mind—running rampant, following the laser dot on the wall—turns its attention from the fall to the wisdom of the heart, true life starts. Your work is finished, you have come home; you no longer roam.

For you have turned your sights—from the judgmental mind that thinks it knows—to the heart, where the truth lies. Life begins anew and you simply see me and “know”.

So what is this journey about? It’s about releasing the heavy cloak of “I know” which restricts your life by its trick of convincing you you’re right, separate from the whole—the heart.

The mind’s true function—the highest function of which it is capable—is asking a question. Then allowing the answer to flow forth—through the heart—from the source of being within. That’s where life started for you, and that’s where we’re taking you. That’s where you want to be—with your true Self, with your Beloved; with me.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

Book Excerpt: The Seed in the Heart

Excerpt from Chapter One of The Seed in the Heart—A Guide for the Journey Home.
You may download the complete eBook, for free, from the HP Publications page.

“…The abiding love spoken within the pages of this book is the seed, the very core of your manifestation. It is the breath you take, it is the light which illuminates your world, and it is the very essence of your being.

The Seed in the Heart bookcoverThen be still, and listen to the silence contained between each word, the pause of the unspoken communication. It is in the silence between each thought that the love abides. It is the stillness between each line in which the very essence of your being lies.

Take therefore the words contained within this book and allow them to settle in the empty space, the space within your own heart, the receptive core of your understanding. Once there, allow the essence of the meaning to come forth from the heart into your questioning mind; for to question the words will bring understanding from the heart.

It is in the service of the heart that the mind will then make cognition of the meaning. Find then the pathway from the heart to the questioning mind. Do not take any written communication within without the questioning, without the inquiry. For to take in the written word without channeling from the heart to the questioning mind yields only beliefs — beliefs which are unproven, uncensored, unsound and unreliable…”

©2014 The HP Writings

Can It Be a Different Way?

In all the history of time
there is a rhyme

By this I mean the study of patterns repeating is history. The engagement of the mind in repeating patterns is the norm. The forerunners in life are torn—torn between the herd mentality, the constantly repeating patterns—and the question; can it be a different way? Can it be different from what I see? That is visionary.

And a visionary must stop, and re-connect with a vision not manifested yet. And it travels and moves in ways that may seem contrary and strange. But that, no less, may be the very thing to coalesce a future different from the past—to release the mind from the die it has cast.

So be wary of the judgement and disdain that the mind will cast on those not imbibing in its repast. Rather, hold open a space to inquire of this new place

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings

A Willingness to Hear

The inquisitive one
is different
from the inquisitor

By this I mean there is a difference between asking a question to find the truth, and a witch-hunt based on the mind’s delusion of separation. And many a question has been asked, with the answer firmly fixed within the mind of the inquisitor.

This is not the same as asking a question within the heart of your being. That takes a letting go of all preconceived notions. The latter is rather the mind’s usurpation of the question. The hounds of perception will always come back with “I’m right.” Or they will come back with, “I told you so.” But never will they come back with, “I’m wrong,” unless that’s your particular deceptive song.

When the question is asked within the heart of your being, it can only be there if there is a willingness to hear. Otherwise it is simply a reflection of the mind’s surmise.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings