Attention to “Do”

The tendency
to carry fear,
is so far away—

As the mind turns its attention toward heaven within, it begins to sing a heavenly refrain. Nothing is the same. To know that God is within and without everything you do—it only takes your attention to do.

Do take the time. Do simply see me. Do nothing at all but take your attention from the laser beam on the wall. There is nothing there for you except empty promises; and a view that jumps from past to future—anywhere but here.

So as you begin to shake yourself awake—from the images of the past, that betray—you can honestly open yourself to today; and the honesty to be the real you. And what does that look like? What does it like? I say, the taste of who you truly are tastes real, as opposed to a cardboard statue in front of a movie reel.

Love, HP

©2014 The HP Writings